Real devices. Real tests.

The Open Device Lab Nuremberg offers local web developers the opportunity to test their work on an ever-growing selection of mobile devices.

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The problem

Diversity Galore

Almost daily, new versions or entire genres of web-enabled devices find their way into the market. Due to various differing device specifications, operating concepts, software platforms and usage scenarios, comprehensive practical tests for developers become increasingly important.

At the same time, maintaining a representative selection of necessary devices for testing purposes on site has become more complex and expensive due to the sheer variety; and testing on emulators, i.e. software-based simulations of the respective hardware, cannot sufficiently replace a real device.

Germany expects an average of 28 million new smartphone sales in 2013 alone, meaning that one in three persons in Germany will obtain a new device. The assumption that in reverse a lot of "old" devices will end up in a dark drawer before their "expiration date" probably does not seem so daring.

Open Device Lab

One pool for all

In this context it is hardly surprising how much support the idea of the Open Device Labs, which only started in 2012, already experiences: dayscountriesODLsOpen Device Labs offer developers free access to broad pools of different devices and enable economical and efficient tests.

Many of the already established ODLS are operated by non-profit developer teams or companies. The respectively available devices are provided by other developers, device manufacturers, motivated donors or the ODL operators themselves. And everyone involved benefits! The central websites OpenDeviceLab and Lab Up! help with the global coordination.

The Open Device Lab Nuremberg is currently being established on the agency premises of tollwerk® GmbH and can be visited during normal business hours by prior appointment.

Current situation

The Open Device Lab Nuremberg

In late February 2013, we – the staff and developers at Tollwerk – decided to found a Nuremberg ODL. Driven by our own requirements, we've become aware of the Open Device Lab initiative and immediately got into it. Since there was no ODL available in our area, it soon became clear that the first step was probably up to us.

Since then we've put a lot of time and effort into the foundation and setup of our ODL. By now, in the end of April, we are at least prepared so far that we can proudly open our doors and invite the local developers for the first time.

However, there's still a lot of work to be done, and we're still very happy about any support we can get. Step by step we'll further complete and professionalise our ODL in the next few weeks.

This is what happened so far:

  • We've constituted the necessary infrastructure (like a separate WiFi, charging stations, etc.), although it is not in it's final condition and location yet.
  • We're about planning a proper device rack.
  • We've done a lot of public relations and talked to a lot of interested parties. As an example we will introduce our ODL at the Webmonday Nuremberg on 6th May.
  • We were already able to gather a pretty big list of devices, and there are even more of them on their way to us. We would like to jump at the chance and say a big thank you! to all the generous supporters that have helped us so far!
  • We developed and released a TYPO3 extension which can be used by other ODL hosts for managing and showcasing their devices on their websites.

A growing selection

Devices at the ODL Nuremberg

As of now it is possible to do real testing at the ODL Nuremberg, and we'd love to receive your appointment request. The following list might give you an idea of which devices are already »living« at our ODL right now, and there are even more exciting devices on their way, like e.g. one of the world's first Firefox OS Developer Preview Phones. Pretty cool, huh? However, support is still very welcome, so maybe you want to have a look at our Most Wanted list oder learn about how you can support us.

Want to test at our lab?
Click here!

Some of the devices listed are in private use and not on site all the time. Please pre-order those ones you need for testing by checking them in the following table. Finally, use the form below the list for requesting an appointment with our lab.

* CSS resolutions measured using tool by @viljamis (device-width and device-height in CSS). If two resolutions are listed, then that specific device reports different resolutions in portrait and landscape mode. Remember that in many cases the CSS resolutions don't match the physical display resolution of the device.

Request an appointment

Did you select the needed devices in the list above? Then finally provide us with some details about you and the date you would like to give us a visit.

Make an appointment with our lab – click here!

Help and join us

Support the ODL Nuremberg

Any support in the form of equipment or assigned monetary donations, infrastructural hardware or software, active participation or personal recommendation is welcome! Find out how you can support us:


As a web developer you probably have the additional expertise to assist us in building the Nuremberg ODL. Perhaps your „outdated tech“ box contains geeky, underutilized devices that you would like to provide us with on  permanent loan or as a donation.

Please note: We are especially interested in exotic or uncommon devices. Presumably, nobody is willing to visit an ODL for the purpose of running a test on the latest iPhone, whereas testing on an outdated BlackBerry might sound more appealing. Take a look at our most wanted list!

Device manufacturers

Manufacturers of web-enabled devices should have a very obvious interest in the widest possible acceptance and support of their products. It’s primarily the applications that make a device attractive for the user. So what would be more logical than supporting the efforts of their developers? If you are a representative of a hardware or device manufacturer, or if you can establish the direct contact for us, please get in touch with us! We would be happy to list you as our supporting partner.

Local companies

If you are an entrepreneur, there are several ways to support us. If, for example, you are a provider or retailer of hardware, software or internet services, you could possibly support us with your services or products, i. e. by helping us build the ODL’s necessary infrastructure. Or maybe you have connections to other potential supporters? Last but not least, the ODL also provides the opportunity to establish your very own reputation as well as partnerships by financial support. How about that?

Just you

We are especially looking forward to your support if you don’t really care much about this entire web and mobile stuff, but you appreciate the idea of an open and collective exchange as much as we do. You could, for example, be willing to offer your old mobile phone, smartphone, laptop, SmartTV, game console, etc. an enjoyable retirement in our ODL. Or you could contribute by simply asking your friends and acquaintances for old devices and/or recommending the ODL Nuremberg to them. Thank you! :)

Donations very welcome!

Old devices? Pass them on!

You have one or more devices you want to make available to the ODL Nuremberg? Awesome! May we ask you to describe the device in detail so that we can evaluate if it is appropriate to our ODL? Please include the following:

  • manufacturer and device model,
  • OS type and version,
  • input methods (mouse, stylus, touch screen, etc.)
  • optionally: screen resolution, installed software, etc.
  • other features or flaws,
  • and anything else you can think of that might be interesting to us.

Most Wanted

  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Jolla
  • YotaPhone
  • Palm Pre, Pixe, Veer
  • HP TouchPad
  • HTC HD 7, One
  • Alcatel One Touch Fire

Of course you can also use this form to contact us without providing a device. Furthermore, you can reach us by phone or e-mail:

Directions and contact

Where to find us

c/o tollwerk® GmbH,
Klingenhofstraße 5
90411 Nuremberg
voiceworkpref+49 (0)911 959394-5
faxworkpref+49 (0)911 959394-7
On appointment

Using public transportation, your easiest way is by taking the U2 or U21 to Nordostbahnhof and walking the final 100 meters.

Map view of the ODL Nuremberg

Open Device Labs in Germany

Not from Nuremberg area?

Besides Nuremberg, Open Device Labs can be found in several other German cities. If you're not from the area, you might find your nearest ODL using this list. A worldwide directory of all registered ODLs can be found at OpenDeviceLab.